H&M Has Launched A Modest Fashion Collection. Read Our Review Of The Collection

Image: H&M

H&M has launched its first ever limited edition modest clothing collection for spring tagged, the LTD Collection. The collection debuted on its ecommerce website on Thursday, May 3, 2018 and will only be available in H&M stores on May 24.

It is a strategic move to meet the needs of a wider segment of its global customers in the 69 markets H&M currently operates in. According to H&M 's head of design, Pernilla Wohlfahrt, H&M wants "to be diverse and inclusive to all the markets."

Image: H&M

We checked out the collection and we love the fact that H&M chose vibrant colours for the garments but we do have some feedback regarding hijabi modest clothing rules. The H&M LTD collection includes quite a number of pieces that are transparent and some midi or knee length pieces, those are no, nos for hijabis.

The hijabi modest clothing rules are simple:

1. The garment should not be transparent.

2. The garment should be loose.

3. The face, hands and feet are the only parts of the body that can be uncovered, so no plunging necklines, no short sleeves, no knee length skirts etc.

The rules stated above leave a lot of leeway for creative designers which is probably why it is much easier to find beautifully designed, hijabi friendly garments in the luxury category than it is to find it in the mainstream category.

Muslim women are not the only ones who wear modest clothing but they represent the largest segment of modest clothing consumers. The hijabi modest clothing rules are the strictest so it makes business sense to ensure that a large proportion of the clothes targeted at modest fashion consumers meets the specific needs of Muslim women because it means that modest clothing manufacturer has successfully catered to the needs of the major segment of the market.

For example, some Christian and Jewish women can wear knee length skirts but Muslim women only wear maxi skirts so if a modest clothing manufacturer produces a knee length skirt, it means only some Jewish and Christian women would purchase that skirt but if a modest clothing manufacturer produces maxi skirts, it means Jewish, Christian and Muslim women can all purchase that maxi skirt.

1. Increasing the odds of a sale makes business sense.

2. If a shopper decides to visit your ecommerce website or offline store because you offer 'modest clothing', it is most likely because they want beautifully designed non-transparent garments, maxi skirts, long sleeve blouses etc, a lot of other stores carry a wide selection of transparent garments, sleeveless shirts, knee length dresses and skirts etc so you are not offering anything unique and you are not honing in on your target customers when you say you are offering 'modest clothing' but similar products like the ones you carry can be bought at any other store. What's the point?

Free strategic modest clothing production advice, you are welcome.


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