You Can Watch Islamic Lifestyle Channel, Deen TV In South Africa At No Monthly Cost

Broadcasting 24 hours a day from South Africa, Deen TV is described as a lifestyle TV Channel with an Islamic ethos. According to the newsroom of Deen Media, the parent company of Deen TV, "The mission of the channel is to showcase Islam as a comprehensive system of life by covering many genres of programming to suit audience needs." 

Programs genres include, News, Women’s health and lifestyle, Food and Cooking, Quranic recitals, Hadith and Fiqh programs, Documentaries, Talks Shows and Lectures by International and Local Scholars.

Deen TV is available on two platforms in South Africa, Startimes and Openview HD but it is free to air on Openview HD. "It is quick, easy and simple to receive Deen TV on OpenView HD", said the Channels CEO and TV talk show host, Faizal Sayed. "What is interesting is that the system dictates that there is a one off payment to acquire the service and thereafter no more monthly hassles or bills", said Faizal Sayed.

If you are in South Africa, simply purchase an OpenView HD decoder at any leading retailer. If you already have an existing satellite dish, there is no need for another one, all you have to do is purchase the Openview HD decoder, connect the decoder to your dish and follow the activation instructions in the box, once installed, you now have access to over 15 Openview HD  channels including the Islamic lifestyle channel, Deen TV,  at no monthly cost.

Deen TV is available throughout Africa on the  Startimes platform for a subscription fee.


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