Covered Girl Boss - This Is America's First Hijabi Tv Reporter

Tahera Rahman recently made history as America's first hijabi TV reporter, she joins other barrier breakers like Fatima Manji, who is the first hijabi TV reporter on mainstream TV in the UK and Ginella Massa, who is also the first hijabi TV reporter on mainstream TV in Canada. 

Tahera Rahman shared the following message and picture on her Instagram account after casting her very first news report for the CBS TV station:

"Feeling unbelievably blessed tonight. A few oopsies in my first hit but I couldn’t have imagined a better team than this exact CBS crew that has become family.
It’s been such a long and incredible journey but the work is just beginning, fam. Stay. Tuned. #🧕🏽 #📺#AlhamdulillahAlways #GodsPlan #DrizzyPlannedHisAlbumReleaseAroundMe #BestHumpDayEver"

According to Tahera Rahman always wanted to work as a TV news reporter but after years of rejection from news stations across the nation, she decided to put TV reporting on hold and took a job as a news producer behind the scenes at CBS's Local 4 news station in the Quad Cities. Tahera Rahman's excellent work ethic was recognised by the TV station when she was awarded the employee of the year for 2017 in January, 2018.

Tahera Rahman is our definition of a covered girl boss because after years of rejections and whilst working as a producer, she still continued to hone her reporting skills with the believe that:

"I was like, someday, someone is going to notice the work I'm putting in and give me a chance."

And for Tahera Rahman, that day finally arrived on the 8th of February, 2018.

We wish Tahera Rahman all the success she wants and more.

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