You Should Attend The Pret-A-Cover Buyers Lane Event - The Most Important Modest Fashion And Lifestyle Event Of The Year

The Pret-A-Cover buyers lane event is the brainchild of the Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC). The six day event scheduled for the 28th of March to the 2nd of April 2018 at City Walk 2, Fountain Piazza in Dubai, U.A.E will showcase leading designers and artists across all categories of the modest lifestyle - modest fashion, art, halal skincare, home decor etc.

The event is supported by the Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre (DIEDC), the agency that works towards developing and promoting Dubai as the global capital of the Islamic economy. Sponsors and partners of the Pret-A-Cover buyers lane event  include Aston Martin, Nari Skincare – world’s 1st halal luxury skincare line, Pullman Hotels, Emirates Airline, Kanoo Travel, Careem and many more.

Kanoo Travel – part of the Yusuf bin Ahmed Kanoo Group and one of the largest and most influential Travel companies in the gulf region in partnership with the Islamic Fashion and Design Council will fly out attendees to the event in Dubai, U.A.E. As part of the partnership, Kanoo Travel is making its award winning travel services  available to all participants and attendees needing assistance in order to attend the event. For travel arrangements to the Pret-A-Cover buyers lane event, please send an email to Kanoo Travel: Speaking of the partnership, the Chairman of the Kanoo Group, Mishal Kanoo, Said:

“Consumer groups choose to go where they feel understood. At Kanoo Travel, we pride ourselves in the understanding we have of all global consumers and our ongoing due diligence, which keeps us a step ahead. We are excited to partner with this innovative event, which is proving to implement great ideas that will capture the hearts and minds of design enthusiasts everywhere, irrespective of their faith and background. There’s something for everyone at this upcoming revolutionary event and we are proud to be a part of this thrilling milestone for the industry.”

Careem, the leading ride hailing company in the U.A.E will also transport attendees to the Pret-A-Cover buyers lane event. As part of the partnership with the Islamic Fashion and Design Council, with the promo code: IFDC, Careem will give attendees of the Pret-A-Cover buyers lane event 20% off for three rides to and from the event and anywhere else the attendees want to go during the six days of the event.

Speaking about the Pret-A-Cover buyers lane event, Alia Khan, Chairwoman of the Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) said:

“With Muslim consumers spending an estimated US$272 billion on clothing and the industry projected to grow to US$322 billion by 2018, we have a unique opportunity to develop the global market in a more cohesive manner and encourage more collaborations across borders in order to strengthen everyone’s potential. A marker of success for events is the inherent benefit it brings not only to the industry players, but to the overall fashion and design industry including the mainstream stakeholder, and we believe all will do extremely well by partaking in our global modest fashion and design scene at Pret-A-Cover™ Buyers Lane."

Pret-A-Cover buyers lane event (PAC-BL) is also the venue for the launch of Pullman hotel’s “Artist Playground” galleries concept, in partnership with IFDC, through which unique art galleries will be built in the hotel lobbies of Pullman Hotels. As a result, multiple artists will also be exhibiting their works at the Pret-A-Cover buyers lane event.

For more information on the Pret-A-Cover buyers lane event, please visit: 


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