Have You Seen The Hi-Cap? An Interesting Blend Of A Baseball Cap And A Hijab

Image: Sadoq

The Hi-cap is the creation of Loubna Sadoq, the creative director and founder of Sadoq, a modest fashion brand based in Amsterdam. It is a creative blend of a baseball cap and a scarf. 

A lot of fashionable hijab wearing women already improvise when it's sunny by wearing a complementary hat on top of their hijab, the hi-cap makes this much easier to do.  With the hi-cap, you just wear the cap and wrap the scarf part like you would wrap your hijab to cover your bosom and you are good.

According to a message on one of the Instagram posts of Sadoq, the Hi-cap was inspired by the Bedouin tribe who mostly live in the deserts and who cover their faces with scarves to protect themselves against sand, Sun and wind.

Modest fashion blogger: Ruba Zai @hijabhills rocking the hi-cap during a photo shoot in Morocco.


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