This Halal Energy Bar Is Formulated To Help You Manage Hunger During Ramadan

Fajr foods, the company behind the Ramadan Bar was founded by Imran Posner and Farid Sanders.

According to them, the Ramadan Energy Bar "is made of a unique, proprietary blend of complex and simple carbohydrates and soy protein, that is specifically designed to maintain blood sugar over many hours." 

Some of the company's scientific claims in relation to the Ramadan Energy Bar are as follows:

  • The proprietary blend of ingredients allows for the slow release of sugar over many hours.
  • The blend is useful in preventing low blood sugar due to fasting.
  • In subjects with diabetes, the blend was found to maintain blood sugar for 9 - 10 hours after eating it.
  • The proprietary blend is slowly absorbed by the body so it can provide a continuous source of energy for 6 - 9 hours.
One of the testimonials shared on the company's website states the following:

“My husband uses the bars everyday in Ramadan and has found them to be enormously useful. They make a quick but satiating suhur that one can grab without cooking, and he has said that they do help him with his hunger more than anything else he has tried! We bought more to give to our parents for them to try out. He also uses them for iftar when he has to stay at work late. We love the product!


For people who don't really like eating Suhoor, the Ramadan energy bar is a great option.


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