This Tasty Halal Bar Is An Healthy Snack Option

Zobaida Falah is the creator of CURE bar, a healthy, halal snack that is gluten free, dairy free, soy free and sugar free. Zobaida narrates her inspiration as follows:

"As a child, I spent my  mornings watching my grandmother make a dark and rich mixture of nuts, flavorful seeds and honey. She called it her “secret cure for everything”. My  grandmother remained fit as a fiddle as she lived to be over 95 years old, thanks to  this special mixture that has been passed down through my family for generations.

The key ingredient -- Black Seed -- is what made the recipe so special. This powerful and aromatic seed is the superhero of natural food. Through sickness and health, she would have us eat a spoonful of this special secret mixture every day.

We live in a time where bad food is readily available and unfortunately delicious, leading to pollution of our bodies and souls.

I wanted to change the way people ate. I remembered the delightful mixture that I grew up eating.

I vowed to turn my grandmother’s concoction into a modern durable treat for everyone across the world to enjoy.

Keeping the Black Seed as the star ingredient, I added my favorite healthy seeds, nuts, and spices to create the delectable CURE bar."

The CURE bar is available in two variants, CURE roasted almonds and honey bar and CURE coconut cashew.

Zobaida Falah posing with the two variants of the CURE bar

An hadith in relation to the key ingredient - black seed used in the snack bars is narrated below:

"One of the companions of the Prophet, Abu Hurayrah (may ALLAH be pleased with him) narrated that he heard the Messenger of ALLAH (Peace and blessings of ALLAH be upon him) say concerning the black seed: “In it there is healing for every disease, except as-saam." ~ Al-Bukhari and Muslim.


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